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Key Staff

Dow W. Peters III, PE
President / Principal Engineer

Dow is a Project Civil / Roadway Engineer with a wide range of experience in transportation projects, horizontal and vertical geometrics, conceptual interchange design, and Project Cost Estimating. He is FDOT certified in Specification development preparation, Long Range Estimating, and Advanced Maintenance of Traffic. In addition, Mr. Peters is experienced in utility coordinating with FDOT and other agencies for various roadway projects. He has an extensive background in using Geopak and Microstation software. He has participated in the completion of numerous FDOT projects and with other local agencies. 

Russell Yaffee, PE, PTOE
Vice President / Principal Engineer

Russell is a senior traffic engineer with over 29 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. He is experienced in the preparation of traffic impact studies, level of service analysis, signal design, pavement marking design and parking lot layout and design. In addition, Mr. Yaffee has extensive sign design experience including construction detour signs, guide signs, motorist information signs, wayfinding signage systems, and trailblazing signage systems, as well as experience in intelligent transportation systems, including ramp metering design, variable message sign design and lane use signal design. Mr. Yaffee is a member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD), serving on the guide sign and motorist information, technical sub-committee.

Wayne Petrone, PE

Wayne manages the Traffic Department as Chief Traffic Engineer at Peters and Yaffee. He has extensive experience in traffic signal design, traffic studies, transportation planning, transportation operations and signing & pavement marking design. Mr. Petrone is an expert in using several software programs such as SYNCHRO, SimTraffic, and Guide Sign and is a member of many engineering associations.

Chief Traffic Engineer
Charles Waller, PE

Charles has 20 years of engineering management and design experience consisting of urban and rural roadway and drainage projects for clients such as FDOT, City of Jacksonville and Nassau County. These designs have included roadway geometrics, pavement design, maintenance of traffic as well as drainage system modeling and subsequent layout. Charles is also experienced in aviation project management and design including runway improvements, taxiway improvements, apron expansions, airfield construction phasing plans, paving and grading plans, drainage plans, pavement marking, airfield lighting and signing plans. Charles has provided these services for clients such as Jacksonville Aviation Authority and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Senior Transportation Engineer
Sam Kadi, PE

Sam has design and project management experience with a broad range of transportation infrastructure projects. His expertise includes roadway design, traffic engineering including signal design, signing and pavement marking design, traffic studies, traffic signal warrant studies and lighting design. He has served as project manager and as project engineer on numerous projects for both public and private clients such as Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Florida Logos Signing project, Walt Disney World, City of Panama City Beach, City of Jacksonville, Brevard County, Nassau County, and St. Johns County. 

Senior Transportation Engineer
Rusty Snider, PE

Rusty is a transportation designer with 9 years of experience. He is experienced and has training in the preparation of contract plans, FDOT Design Standards, FDOT Specifications, FDOT Plans Preparation Manuals, FDOT Electronic Delivery, Trns*port/Designer Interface, and GEOPAK Road Corridor Modeling. He is also Advanced Maintenance of Traffic Certified.

Traffic Engineer
Whitney Anderson, PE

Whitney is a traffic engineer with six years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She is experienced and has training in the FDOT’s Electronic Delivery, Advanced MOT, Trans*port/Designer Interface, and Long Range Estimating. She is currently proficient in the use Microstation and also is familiar with the use of Geopak and the FDOT Bar Menu.

Traffic Engineer
Headshot_2019.11.29 (002).jpg
Jay Snyder, PE

Jay serves as the Denver Office Leader and has blended experience in both the traffic and transportation engineering fields, consisting of traffic signal inspection and design, traffic studies, traffic calming, pavement design and maintenance, traffic control, drainage design, ADA compliance, pedestrian and bicycle facility design, public sector staff augmentation and civil construction support.

Denver Office Leader /
Transportation Engineer
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