Peters and Yaffee provides comprehensive professional engineering design in the fields of traffic and transportation.


Peters and Yaffee, Inc. is a professional services consulting firm providing comprehensive professional engineering design in the fields of traffic and transportation engineering. Our clients consist of state, city and county municipalities, developers, attorneys, architects and other engineering firms.

Dow Peters, PE and Russell Yaffee, PE, PTOE, who together have over 50 years of engineering experience, started the firm in 2008. Peters and Yaffee is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and in 2019 opened an office in Denver, Colorado to serve the rapidly growing state. The firm is licensed in Colorado, Florida and Georgia.

The firm's staff has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. This enables us to understand our clients’ needs from a shared point of view.  We also have extensive experience in multi-discipline project teams. Peters and Yaffee provides design services for projects of varying sizes and scopes, including interstate facilities, arterial highways, local streets, signalized intersections, roundabouts, transit multimodal facilities, municipal facilities, shopping centers, regional/retail centers, hospitals, office complexes, housing complexes, municipal facilities, parks, educational facilities, religious institutions, as well as privately owned facilities and developments.

Peters and Yaffee is DBE (FL & CO), JSEB (Jacksonville), MBE & SBE (Denver), ESB (CDOT) and 8(a) certified.



Transportation Engineering

Transportation engineering design services include roadway, intersection and drainage improvements. Peters and Yaffee is very experienced in the preparation of complete Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for these transportation design services. Services offered for roadway design include maintenance and protection of traffic, construction scheduling, reconstruction, widening, as well as resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation (RRR) projects. For intersection improvements, services include ADA pedestrian access ramps, curb & gutter, sidewalk, medians including traffic separators and pedestrian refuge, and turn lane channelization. Drainage services include the analysis and design of stormwater collection systems, detention, roadside ditches and swales, cross drain improvements and floodplain management. Other services offered include stormwater permitting, utility design and utility coordination.

Traffic Operations & Design

Traffic engineering design services include the design of pavement markings, signage, traffic signal and traffic signal interconnect. These services also include the preparation of complete Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E). Other traffic engineering design services include roundabouts, shared-use path, parking lot layout, lighting for traffic signal, corridor and pedestrian safety applications, traffic calming measures and devices, traffic modeling and simulation including corridor network timing and transit prioritization, ITS, and crossing improvements including mid-block and trail. The firm also has extensive Guide Sign design experience.



Traffic Study services include the preparation of traffic impact analysis and studies for a wide variety of public and private projects. The preparation of studies includes an analysis of project impacts on the roadway system, the identification of appropriate mitigation measures and a summary of recommendations. The layout and design of conceptual improvements needed to mitigate these impacts are also services offered by Peters and Yaffee. Other traffic studies include Signal Warrant Analysis, evacuation plans, no-passing zone and the preparation of access, circulation and parking studies. Another important service provided is the preparation of safety studies. Safety studies included speed studies, pedestrian and bicycle safety, high accident location studies and sight distance analysis.


3.1 Minor Highway Design

3.2 Major Highway Design

3.3 Controlled Access Highway Design

6.1 Traffic Engineering Studies

6.2 Traffic Signal Timing

6.3.1 Intelligent Transportation Systems Analysis and Design

7.1 Signing, Pavement Marking & Channelization

7.2 Lighting

7.3 Signalization 

1.10 Transportation Planning - Traffic Analysis

3.01 Highway Design Roadway – Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Rural Roadway Design

3.02 Highway Design Roadway – Two-Lane or Multi-Lane Urban Roadway Design

3.03 Highway Design Roadway – Multi-Lane Urban Roadway Widening and Reconstruction

3.04 Highway Design Roadway – Multi-Lane Rural Interstate Limited Access Design

3.05 Highway Design Roadway – Multi-Lane Urban Interstate Limited Access Design

3.06 Highway Design Roadway – Traffic Operations Studies

3.07 Highway Design Roadway – Traffic Operations Design

3.09 Highway Design Roadway – Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation

3.13 Highway Design Roadway – Facilities for Bicycles and Pedestrians

3.15 Highway Design Roadway – Highway and Outdoor Lighting

Civil Engineering (CE)

Traffic Engineering (CR)



Year Established

















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