Traffic Design and Operations

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Traffic signal and signing pavement marking design are two of PY’s core competencies, with more than half of all our completed projects to-date involving these services. We know that to be a leader in the industry for traffic operations and design, we must stay abreast of industry developments and never compromise on innovation. That's why we have two staff members serving on the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) and helping to write the rules and regulations for the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

A complete list of our traffic services includes traffic signal design, mid-block pedestrian signal design, ITS design, GuideSign design, signing and pavement marking design, traffic calming design, site ingress/egress analysis, conceptual alternatives analysis, parking lot design, and wrong-way driving systems design.

Interactive Traffic Signal Design Map

Featured Project

Beach Boulevard Traffic Signal Upgrades

FDOT District Two

As a prime consultant, the Peters and Yaffee team performed signalization, lighting, and roadway design services at nine intersections along Beach Boulevard, from the Parental Home Road intersection to the Cortez Road intersection. Our deliverables included:
  • Full mast arm mounted signal upgrade at nine intersections
  • Addition of signal backplates and CCTV at the Walmart traffic signal
  • Special emphasis crosswalks at all nine intersections
  • Pedestrian lighting at all nine intersections
  • Addition of an eastbound right turn lane at the Parental Home intersection
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