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With a growing attention on Vision Zero initiatives across the country, PY's focus on safety is more important than ever. We understand that achieving the goal of zero serious roadway injuries and fatalities requires the expertise of people who are passionate about safety and qualified to make safety-related recommendations. To that end, we've built a studies team with a focus on safety, including two certified Road Safety Professionals (RSP), three Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOEs), one PhD, and a team leader that is currently serving as FDOT District Two's In-House Consultant for Studies Services. Our traffic studies services include traffic operations studies, safety studies, concurrency and permitting studies, planning studies, and maintenance of traffic analyses. Each type of study we prepare includes an analysis of the roadway system, an identification of appropriate mitigation measures, and a summary of recommendations.

Our experience with traffic and safety studies includes signal warrants, operational improvement studies, lighting justification studies, corridor studies, speed studies, no-passing zone studies, advisory curve speed studies, trip generation, site circulation studies, evacuation Route Plans, contra flow plans, shuttle bus operations, traffic data collection, pedestrian and bicycle safety studies, ADA compliance surveys, mid-block crossing analysis, bicycle lane evaluation, Safe Routes to School (SRTS), school safety and traffic calming, high accident location studies, and sight distance analysis. Our experience with traffic impact studies includes Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), large and small scale residential, industrial parks and office parks, commercial centers, mixed-use developments, redevelopment, and recreation, school, and religious facilities.

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As a subconsultant to Atkins, PY has delivered 86 traffic and safety studies since 2018. These include: signal warrant analyses, Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE), lighting justification reports, speed studies, mid-block pedestrian crosswalk studies, turn lane warrants, signal phasing, and operational analyses. A few of these studies are detailed below:
  • US 1 at Pine Island: After performing a signal warrant analysis, PY provided a stage one and two ICE. In stage one, PY determined that a traditional signal, RCUT, and MUT was necessary. In stage two, PY provided conceptual designs, cost estimates, and an operational analysis to perform a cost-benefit assessment. Ultimately, PY recommended a traditional signal at the intersection.
  • University Boulevard at Terry Road: This intersection had a history of private property crashes from University Boulevard. PY reviewed the crash history, determining a nighttime trend in the accidents, then conducted a nighttime field review, which identified sight problems with the northbound curve. PY recommended curve warning signs and coordinated with nearby businesses to shield their parking lot lighting.
  • State Road 21 at Alligator Boulevard: This right turn lane analysis evaluated southbound traffic at Alligator Boulevard. PY reviewed traffic counts to determine that a right-turn lane is not warranted. However, the field review found that several drivers heading for nearby CR 215 appeared confused about where to turn. PY coordinated with FDOT to address the issue through the installation of a multi-post guide sign.
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